"My work with Kaylor over the past three months has been transformational. I was looking for a coach to work on my unique struggles and I met with a number of potential coaches to gauge fit. While all of the people I met with were great, there were none who put me at ease from the moment I started talking with them like Kaylor did. 


Kaylor is an impressive person; he takes incredible care of himself, cares deeply for those closest to him and has started numerous successful businesses in a relatively short period of time. Despite this, he is extremely down to earth and can make you feel at ease quickly. He has sympathy for your struggles but is also strong enough to provide guidance and feedback when required.


When we started our three month program, Kaylor was willing and able to tailor my specific needs into the program so that I worked on the fundamentals but also my areas which are the biggest concerns. He not only helped me with my mental health; he helped me with my physical health as his experience in the fitness industry is a huge added bonus. 


I found that the work we did in three months was equivalent to years of professional therapy and I am very thankful that I chose to engage Kaylor as a coach. 


I highly suggest Kaylor as a coach for anyone looking to improve their mental and physical health."

"By what could only be described as fate, I came across Kaylor Betts on social media and we began talking shortly after. I eventually shared my story with him and he was positive he could make a difference and add value to help me live with more peace.


The last year forced me to come to terms with the state of my mental health. A series of shitty events in 2019 left me in the depths of a dark place I hadn't encountered before.


Was I really going to let some stranger talk me into digging deep within myself and willingly think about things I blocked out or buried that made me uncomfortable all in the name of "growth??" Well Kaylor, you convinced me.


Through the ups and downs of life, sometimes we get more stuck than we realize or would like to admit and climbing out to get to the other side can be an unbearably daunting task.


Working with Kaylor has been the best part of my 2020 so far. While it seemed like the year had gone to shit globally, I don't think I'd feel the way I do now if it wasn't for Kaylor. I can now say that in addition to paying attention to my mental health, I've been educated on the value and importance of mental WEALTH.


I highly recommend working with him and am eternally grateful for what is just the start of this journey for me. Having completed the 90 days with him, I am excited to continue working with him this year."

"I was first introduced to Kaylor through the Mental Wealth Podcast. I was inspired by his story and the stories of the people who he was chatting with. Along with the podcast I started following him on Instagram and I was drawn in by the things he posted. I found that what he was sharing was really relatable to my life. After following along in the back ground for a few weeks I finally reached out to connect with Kaylor and we set up our first phone call.


I was super nervous at first because I didn’t know what to expect but Kaylor was really friendly and easy to talk with. On that first call he was able to pinpoint some of the main things that were holding me back from moving towards living my ideal life. The things he said were spot on with how I was feeling. 


Knowing that I was stuck in a place that I couldn’t get myself out of I jumped on board with Kaylor’s course The 8 Sources of Mental Wealth. I knew I needed some help to get me on the right path again and his course has done just that!


Each module allowed me to focus on different aspects of my life, some of which I had never paid any attention to before or had just let slide in the past. Kaylor is super knowledgeable and has an engaging way of sharing information. I really appreciate his step by step plans to help me start moving forward throughout each section of the course. 


I still have a lot of work to do to get me to where I want to be but working with Kaylor has definitely help me get out of the rut I was in and has provided me with the tools that I need to keep moving forward. He has been a huge support throughout the program and continues to check in and answer any questions that I might have. 


If you are feeling a little lost or stuck with where you life is at I highly recommend signing up for Kaylor’s course, you won’t regret it."

"I had been feeling quite unsettled for quite a while: my dream job had become my greatest source of stress and I wasn't coping very well, or at all. Enter mainstream media, where mental health was starting to be talked about more openly. While I understood that mental health was important to your overall health, I had no idea what I was supposed to be doing for it. I had been following a few mental health sites on Instagram, but none had struck a chord with me. Enter the Mental Wealth Project; the name itself got my attention right away. Thinking of your mental health as riches to treasure made me smile. As I followed the site, the founder, Kaylor Betts, reached out to me and told me about his coaching program, teaching about his 8 pillars to mental wealth. I was hesitant at first; it seemed indulgent, to me, to be spending that kind of time and money on myself. Kaylor said to me, "You said you needed help to figure things out; this opportunity presented itself to you. You owe it to yourself to do it for you." It was true; I didn't know if any opportunity like this would ever come up again, so I dove in.


Separating mental health into 8 individual sections to work on made the course manageable. Working on my diet (physical health) first made a big difference right away; it gave me an energy and lightness I hadn't felt in a long time. Learning how to meditate and doing daily gratitude exercise has calmed my mind immensely and given me patience to learn about myself and coping skills. My favourite lesson was where Kaylor taught me how to reframe my mindset about working out, I used to say that I worked out so I could eat whatever I wanted; not a very good way to think at all. Now, I honor the fact that I can move my body, work out willingly, so that I can feel good and eat properly to nourish my body and soul. The weekly phone calls for the duration of the course were invaluable in helping to keep me accountable and to answer any questions I had along the way.


Thank-you, Kaylor, for this amazing opportunity. I know self-improvement is a lifelong process; with your help and guidance, it has been made a bit easier for me. Thank-you, for sharing your gift with me.  


Much Love and Respect, 

Tomina Leung."