What is going on my friends! It’s Kaylor Betts here and for most of my life I was in a battle with my mind. 


I was tired, sick, anxious and depressed. 

The only solution the system had for me, was pills and some talk therapy. I knew in my heart there had to be more. 


So I studied human optimization obsessively and I took massive action. Now, years later, I’ve created what can only be described as Mental Wealth.

And now I’ve helped thousands of people from all around the world upgrade their mental health, without drugs… just like I did.


And that’s exactly what this podcast is about. 

I interview people who can help us understand how to live a life beyond what we thought was possible.


This is not your average mental health podcast and it will challenge you to think differently. 

So sit back, open your mind and get ready to learn how to create Mental Wealth in your life. 

Episode 1: My Mental Health Story and What is the Mental Wealth Project?


This is the first "Solo-sode" of the Mental Wealth Podcast where Kaylor expands on his story of dealing with mental health challenges and gives clarity on what the Mental Wealth Project is, why it exists, and what to expect from it going forward.

Episode 71: Confidence, Depression and Vulnerability


This is one of the most powerful episodes we have had to date that will surely deeply resonate with many. Dan Payne is a long time actor and now acting coach who reached out to Kaylor when he started really relating to Kaylor’s message and story. Dan courageously comes on and shares his personal mental health journey and story that he has never shared publicly and it is nothing short of powerful and inspiring. Sit back, grab the tissues and prepare to be moved by all aspects of this episode.

Episode 41: Name it to Tame it


“SUCK IT UP, you are fine!” How many times have you heard this from people when you find yourself struggling with life? Join Kaylor as he is blown away with some of the “mic dropping” sequences from Dr Jody Carrington in this conversation. The two of them dive into what it means to “Name it to tame it”, how to understand your purpose in life, practicing vulnerability, speaking out about their own challenges/struggles in life, and much, much more. You don’t want to miss out on this episode, because at the end of the day, as Dr. Jody Carrington likes to say, “we are all just here walking each other home”.