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OVER 300,000+ Downloads and in the top 1% of the most popular podcasts in the world!

Guests have included Nicole Arbour, Mark Groves, Brad Lea, Robb Wolf, Sal Di Stefano, Dr. Jessica Peatross and so many more!

What’s up my friends! I’m the anti-woke, freedom fighting life coach, Kaylor Betts. For most of my life I was mentally broke and after an obsessive journey of taking ownership of my life, I now have what I describe as Mental Wealth. And now I’m teaching you and many others how I did it.

This is not your average personal growth podcast. This podcast consists of unfiltered and unapologetic conversations about how to accomplish our highest potential. Outside of pharmaceuticals, outside of the conventional narrative and by living and thinking differently. It includes conversations with some of the greatest thought leaders, critical thinkers, freedom fighters and wellness practitioners of our time, who are at the forefront of a health, mindset and societal revolution.

So, sit back, open your mind and get ready to learn how to create mental wealth in your life.

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